Bahawalpur Medical & Dental College  Library

The “Connotation of the word” Library”, goes for beyond the realm of just a compilation of book. It is a treasure house of information and knowledge that employed trained librarians  the preserve, systematize and administer, so that they can contribute successfully to the continuing education  & self improvement of men, women & children by providing meaningful assistance the indentifying , extracting &  disseminating proper information from the maze of material available in it resources.


The main Purpose of the  BMDC Library is to support medical education, including teaching,  research and patient-care. Just as a healthy brain is essential for a healthy human being, a healthy library is an asset for promotion and advancement of health sciences in health institution.


The objective of BMDC library is to assist medical professional in enhancing and updating their knowledge and skills, and to provide them information regarding  new innovations, views, theories and latest treatment for better patient-care, medical education, and research. The primary role of a medical library is to collect and organize recorded information in medicine and allied subjects to meet the clientele’s needs. In the BMDC Library latest technologies are increasingly used to collect, store, retrieve and disseminate a great amount of information to help medical professionals in their day-to-day education, research, and clinical practices,

Recently opened library of BMDC, is fulfilling the requirement of PMDC,PNC. The college have a well maintained library and information facilities, sufficient in size breadth of holding and information technology with wifi access to all faculty and students. We have also physical and electronic access to leading e-books, biomedical, clinical, nursing, ENT, Physiotherapy and other relevant periodicals and sufficient current numbers of books  that all readily available.


  1. The library will be opened on all working days.
  2. Silence and order must be maintained in the Library at all times. Any infringement of this rules will be punished by a fine.
  3. Any person who lose, defaces or otherwise seriously damages books etc, shall be liable to pay the cost of the replacement and in the event of the book being one of the set or series, the cost of whole set or series, shell be paid by the person.
  4. The following shall be entitled to use the library.


  1. The Faculty of the college.
  2. Student of the college.
  3. The staff of the college.


Chief Librarian.

Ph: 062-3034009