Vision & Mission

Our Vision is:



Our Educational Mission Statement:

At our institutions we shall strive to provide the highest quality educational experience in the art and science of medicine and to foster the drive for excellence among all students. The College is committed to educate young men and women to become compassionate health care givers with high ethical standards and technical competence and a dedication to deliver the highest quality care to all people. The program should inspire students to become leaders in their fields, to help provide the knowledge base for new treatment strategies, and to develop new approaches to the delivery of health services, disease prevention, and health maintenance. Our mission is to provide a supportive and challenging educational environment within which students of diverse backgrounds prepare themselves for careers characterized by commitment to excellence, lifelong learning, and service to others through patient care, research, and teaching.

The academic programs are designed to provide students with core knowledge and skills that can serve as the basis for further education in their field of choice.